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What is brickOS?

brickOS is an open source embedded operating system and provides a C and C++ programming environment for the Lego Mindstorms Robotics Kits, allowing the owner of such a kit to program in good old C (and now C++) instead of the standard Lego Programming Language. It was originally developed on Linux, but should run on most Unices as well as Windows.

brickOS consists of an alternative operating system for the Mindstorms RCX and demonstration programs written in C and C++. Also provided are utilities which allow you to download the OS to the RCX and download your compiled programs to the RCX.

The brickOS distribution provides the sources for the operating system, the demo programs and the utilities. You will also need an Hitachi H8 cross compiler assembler and linker (basic tool chain). Our instructions, found at our Docs page, help you obtain and configure these tools. After they are installed you will be able to build the OS, the utilities and finally, programs of your own for controlling your creations.

Mailing Lists

To www.lugnet.comAnnouncements and discussions of brickOS occur at: lugnet.robotics.rcx.legos. You can subscribe and receive all traffic posted to this list.  Alternatively, you can simply visit the LUGNET site and read the posts there with your web browser.  Lastly, you may point a news reader to their site and read the posts that way via news://lugnet.com/lugnet.robotics.rcx.legos.

We also have a low-traffic brickos-announce mailing list to which you can subscribe and receive only announcements of new formal releases, and new test releases.  Subscribe to this list by visiting our development page and signing up. (found in the lists section).  These same posts will show up on the LUGNET new group so this is not essential. It's simply offered as a convenience.


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