Instructions for building DJGPP H8300 cross compiler

Ed Manlove

Version Release Ver. 1, 8 January, 2003
Revision History
Revision Release Ver. 18 January 2003Revised by: ecm
  • Upgraded instructions for GCC Version 3.2.
  • Modified build script for binutl-2.121.
  • Modified required packages and install instructions.
Revision Pre-Release Ver. 221 October 2002Revised by: ecm
  • Added step to create DJGPP.bat file.
  • Added to nessecary files and install instructions.
  • Corrected sed utility zip filename to
Revision Pre-Release13 October 2002Revised by: ecm
  • Initial Pre-Release.

The following are instructions I am using for building the Hitachi H8300 cross compiler for the DJGPP environment. Due to difficulty compiling gcc Version 2.95.2 and the eventual goal of upgrading brickOS to gcc 3.2, I am using version 3.2 in these instructions. Please read through the entire message before proceeding. -- Ed Manlove

Many thanks to ...
Rossz Vamos-Wentworth For providing the model to follow and technical support.
Steve Hassenplug For providing a "virtual" deadline and constant words of support.
Nicolas Tarleton For providing technical support which led me down the correct path.
Eli Zaretski For providing excellent technical support with DJGPP and helping those who came before me.
Martin Stromberg For providing technical support with DJGPP.

If you have problems related to these instruction, you can write to Ed Manlove

Step by step instructions:

1. Install DJGPP and GNU Source Code

2. Start a DOS/DJGPP session

2. (ALTERNATIVE) Create DOS Prompt Shortcut

Instead of starting a DOS prompt using the instructions above you can alternatively create a shortcut to open a DOS window and setup the DJGPP environment variables.

3. Configure and Build Binutils

4. Configure and Build GCC 3.2


You can now start using your succefully built cross compiler and build brickOS under DJGPP/MS-DOS!

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