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University use of brickOS (formerly legOS)

brickOS is used in some way in each of the following efforts/courses.

Oh Well, the following course links have aged... However, the university links are still valid. As we are notified of courses using brickOS we will update this list.

Books, Articles, etc.

These are in no particular order.

Additional Software which can be used with brickOS

  • EmulegOS - C++ code you can compile and link together with your legOS code. The resulting application emulates the behavior of your code as it were running on the actual RCX.

  • Bricx Command Center - (BricxCC) is a Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, W2K, XP) program commonly known as an integrated development environment (IDE) for programming the RCX (all versions), Scout, Cybermaster, and Spybot programmable bricks using Dave Baum's Not Quite C (NQC) language. It also supports programming the Scout, RCX2, and Spybot using The LEGO Company's MindScript(tm) and LASM(tm) languages via the Mindstorms 2.5 SDK. It supports programming RCX bricks in C, C++, Pascal, Forth, and Java using the brickOS, pbForth, and leJOS alternate firmwares.

Other Software/Programming Languages for LEGO Mindstorms

  • The best reference seems to be ...

Purchasing parts

  • LEGO Shop at Home - kits, misc. parts, occasional specials.

  • Pitsco LEGO Dacta - great source of prepackaged kits for classroom, instructional materials and spare parts.

  • www.mindsensors.com - sensor multiplexers, remote servo motor controllers, and more...

  • www.techno-stuff.com - sound sensors, IR reflective distance indicators, switch multiplexer, angle sensor, and more...

  • www.hitechnic.com ultrasonic range sensor, infrared proximity sensor, short reach infrared sensor, four channel remote control receiver, magnetic compass sensor, and more...

General Robotics/LEGO Robotics Links

Amazing LEGO Robotics Creations

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