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There is a variety of documentation available from this site.

NOTE: We have not yet regenerated all of the documentation to use our new name.  This will take place as we ready for the next release.


This is the most comprehensive and wide-ranging of the legOS docs. The best place to start for a newbie. With the newest update, this now covers LNP is depth, including code examples. Many thanks to Mike Ash for providing this new section.


We have installation instructions for a growing number of environments. Please select one of the following based on the type of system on which you want to develop for the RCX.

BrickOS Installation for 
Windows 9x, NT, 2000 & XP

This document covers the installation of the Cygwin tools and building of brickOS on the Microsoft Windows platform.

legOS Installation for Debian/GNU LinuxThis is NEW!

Running Debian GNU/Linux on Alpha, I386, Motorola 68000, MIPS, MIPS-EL, PowerPC, S390, or Sun Sparc platforms? Then this document is for you!

This document covers the installation of the GNU gcc/g++ tools and installation/building of legOS on the Debian/GNU Linux platform.  This will be modified for brickOS install as soon as a brickOS version is packaged and available from the Debian mirrors. (should be late October/ early November)

BrickOS Installation for DOS using DJGPP

This document (under construction) covers the installation of the DJGPP GNU gcc/g++ tools and building of brickOS for use on DOS.

Command ReferenceThis is NEW!

Dave Chen has written up an excellent legOS command reference that documents and organizes the resources that the legOS kernel provides to a legOS program. If you have already read the HOWTO, and are just looking.
An updated version of this document is now under construction...

Kernel Documentation

Stig Neilsson has written kernel documentation, detailing exactly how the legOS kernel works. If you want to become a brickOS kernel hacker, this is the place to start. You can also get it as a PDF file here.

Auto-generated API docs

These are Application Programming Interface (API) docs that are automatically generated from brickOS source. We keep these up to date with each new release.  You may also see special versions of these documents accompanying test releases.  We will also have packaged versions of these documents available for download.

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