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Welcome to the brickOS home page!

(brickOS is the new name for Markus L. Noga's legOS, the first open-source operating system for LEGO MINDSTORMS robots)

brickOS is an alternative operating system for the Lego Mindstorms RCX Controller.  It also provides a C/C++ development environment for RCX programs using gcc and g++ (the GNU C and C++ cross compilation tool chain) and the necessary tools to download programs to the RCX. If you program in C or C++ and would like to be able to write programs for your RCX in these same languages then brickOS is for you.

We encourage everyone to contribute changes and help with testing of brickOS, and we provide access to our development sources via anonymous CVS and test releases.

We are trying to provide a couple of releases each year and are always looking for further ideas and enhancements for brickOS.


The brickOS project is in transition from our original name legOS to our new name brickOS. During this transition you will find links to our prior site (links with legOS name in them) and install files still being distributed using our prior name. It will take some time for this all to change to our new name. So, we ask for your patience while we make this change.
Thank you. -brickOS Team

30 Jul 2004
David Chen updated his Command Reference
15 Feb 2004
brickOS test-release avail.
The API docs at this web site have also been updated so they are current with this test release.  (See: Download/Test Versions (left col.))
9 Jan 2004
Next test-release coming soon! (Watch this space)
18 Feb 2003
brickOS test-release avail.
The API docs at this web site have also been updated so they are current with this test release.  (See: Download/Test Versions (left col.))
13 Feb 2003
This site now referenced from the LEGO MINDSTORMS Website Click on "Visit Community", then from there click on "Advanced User Resources"
09 Oct 2002
1st cut at Debian GNU/Linux install instructions ready for review, (way too early copy of DJGPP install is here too).
25 Sep 2002
1st cut at brickOS Kernel Developer API reference for review
22 Sep 2002
1st cut at C++ Language API reference ready for review (updated C Language docs, too)
Added first (experimental) 3rd party sensor support (See include/swmux.h and include/dirpd.h in API docs) A third new device arrived, it will be in the next update.
20 Sep 2002
Cygwin Install doc cut over to our brickOS name and published on this site.
18 Sep 2002
1st cut at C Language API reference ready for review
02 Sep 2002
brickOS test-release avail.
 (See: Download/Test Versions (left col.))
18 July 2002
legOS becomes brickOS as of today!
20 Apr 2002
legOS 0.2.6 releases
20 Dec 2000
legOS 0.2.5 releases
25 July 2000
legOS 0.2.4 releases

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